True Facts

They May Not Be Pretty, But They Are True

The Grass Always Looks Greener---
By Hazel

I just recently started the process of moving to Stewart County, Georgia and this is what I encountered.
Between trying to build a home and clear a small parcel of land, I spent my time equally between the two populated cities of Richland and Lumpkin. I really did not have enough time to visit all the places I wanted to, but I did get to shop for food, go to a bank and do wash.
I met more people from Florida doing wash, then the residents of Stewart County. I did get to talk to a few residents in Richland at the grocery store, Pic & Save, and some at the Department Store called Bill's. I learned a few things, from a few people. I'll talk to you about them later.
--- Hazel

Well itís later now----As I entered the Pic & Save Grocery store in Richland, at first I was taken back for a moment. Not from anything directly inside the store, but from the fact that I had made 3 prior trips to Richland, and I had always turned left to go downtown, except once at night and I did not see a grocery store located in the town. Silly me! As I walked into the store and retrieved my grocery cart, I watched and listened to the people that work there. I went down the produce section and was slightly overcome with content just knowing that I could buy real food and we would not have to make all of our purchases at a convenience store during our visits to Stewart County. The prices were comparable to all the other grocery stores I have shopped at, which includes Publix, Winn Dixie, Ingles, Giant, Albertsons, Piggly Wiggly, Kash & Karry, Kroger, BI-LO, and Super-Wal-Mart to name a few. As I checked dates and rotation of all the perishable goods and canned foods guess what I found---everything was in code and the dates were good.
Just knowing that I would not have to travel forty minutes to get to a grocery store and the fact that I could cook a normal meal was very satisfying for me.
Let me also share with you what else I found in the Pic and Save grocery store, everyone was working together as a team, the employees were all working and the unison of their movements is something I rarely see anymore. Retail work is hard, I know, and with the equipment, shelving and space these employees have to work with they were able to create what every business owner thrives to achieve----(A Satisfied Customer).
Thank you Pic & Save for being here in Richland, Georgia

Now let me also share with you what else I found while shopping at the time of my visits. The most confusing issue for me was the lack of customers. I know everyone isnít as silly as me, thinking that people have to travel to Dawson to find a regular grocery store. So I did a little research into the economics of Stewart County. On the surface the County looks like any other struggling Southern economically depressed area. This is what I found on , " Stewart County in located in the State of Georgia, It was create on December 23, 1830. As of the year 2000 the population was 5252. The County Seat is Lumpkin." Now the latest information I could find which was listed with the U.S. Census Bureau , was that from the year 2000 to 2005, Stewart County had a decrease in population from 5252 in 2000 to 4882 in the year 2005. This works out to about 7.2% less people living in Stewart County. Then I continued my research and according to the US Census Bureau News and this was released December 22, 2005 " The South and West Monopolized the list of the fasted growing States. Between July 1, 2004 to July 1 2005. The list of the top ten States with an increase of population, in order are as follows: Nevada, Arizona,, Idaho, Florida, Utah, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Delaware and Oregon. " So with Georgia being listed 6th in the Nation as far as an increase of population, what is going on in Stewart County to post a decrease of 7.2 in general population?. As we uncover information concerning Stewart County, Georgia I will be posting the information as it is presented to us. From first hand experience I will be posting some interesting facts concerning Stewart County, Georgia. And as the cover page states here on "Sometimes, The Truth Ain't Pretty. If It Were, There Would Never Be A Need To Hide It In The Dark. True Facts Will Shine A Light On The Darkness In An Effort To Find The Truth."

Until Later---Hazel